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My Wedding Skin Routine

Apart from the so many other products that I’m currently using in my routine, I can confidently say these tips have made my skin turnaround into what it is. My skin is not perfect as I would like to (with all the stress from work), but its way better than it was several months back.

Here is what my beauty routine is like in preparation for my wedding day. I’m sure it’s going to make a difference. Actually, it has already started showing some changes.

Eat More Watermelon

It does not matter the kind of skin type you have, all skin types need water. Drinking water goes along way, but eating some watermelon works too even with added benefits. Other great foods for your face are; grapefruit, lettuce and broccoli.

Control oil with blotting sheets

If you are always on the go, blotting papers assist in keeping your face free of shine. A better solution is to streamline your routine. Use a gentle face wash, don’t use the toner and then put on some lightweight oil free moisturizer. Washing your face too much will increase oil production.

Soften Elbows with salt scrubs

This is one of the things most brides seem to forget. Your weekly routine should have a bath with some sodium bicarbonate bath salts thrown in. Sodium bicarbonate helps in breaking down dry patches and makes your skin a sponge for moisture. For tougher patches, request your aesthetician to apply some glycolic peel on your elbows next time you go for a facial.

Deep cleanse with a mask

A mask is not supposed to take the place of your daily face washing routine; rather it’s meant to enhance it. If you have an oily skin, put on a mask each day. If your skin is dry, once or twice a month should be fine.

Use your concealer the correct way

The last layer of your foundation is meant to be well blended, but it’s the opposite for concealer. Blot it where you want it to be with a pointed brush. With your fingers, pat the perimeter until it’s all smooth.

Use your fingers to blend foundation

Whether you apply your foundation with a sponge, brush or stick, always blend it in with your fingers. Put a pea sized bit of moisturizer on your fingers, rub them together and then start blending. The added moisture will prevent your skin from drying out and will make you have a softer and dewy complexion.

Take care of your lips with SPF 30

It’s easier to protect your lips from getting chapped than it is to deal with them if they are already dry and cracked. If you often spend most of your time outdoors more so in sunny, windy or cold weather, I would recommend using a thick lip balm with SPF 30 that will keep your lips well hydrated.


Different types of cardio workouts are a must for my wedding day preparation. Exercise tends to tighten skin thus creating muscle tone and improves our mood which makes us feel good. And we all know when you feel good, you look good.
A good way of easily losing body fat and increasing muscle mass is through swimming (salt water pools), biking, boxing, running and skipping.

To establish whether you are in a fat burning zone, you can do the “talk test.” Since you need to be breathing heavily, talking should be difficult. Try to do 45-60 minutes of strength and cardio training 5-6 days in a week. You will see the results on your wedding day.
This tips actually worked for me so well I couldn’t believe it was actually me when I looked at my mirror.

Easy At Home Workout Tips For You To Stay Fit

mom working-out-at-homeDo you feel there is never time for you to exercise? After getting married, in came a new baby and honestly, I keep wondering what the hell I used to do with all the time I had back then without a baby. Now I never seem to have any time left in my life! And so since I have to account for every minute I have now, I came up with several exercise routines that I can do at the comfort of my home even with my little one!

Review ~ QV Skin Lotion (Repair)

QV Skin Lotion (Repair)


This brand is one of Australian equivalent to Cetaphil.
What sets it apart from the rest…
• pH balanced
• low-irritant formulation, free from fragrance, colour, lanolin and propylene glycol
• Light formulation, yet very hydrating

Suitable for everyone, but particularly for..
• Dry, scaly skin, winter itch, ichthyosis, xerosis, and dermatitis.
• Relief of symptoms of atopic eczema and psoriasis.
• Infants and the elderly.
• For normal / slightly sensitive skin, this is better used in winter as it’s surprisingly rich for such a light formulation.
Do I reaaaalllly need this?
• If you have any skin conditions & want a reliable moisturiser that repairs and soothes skin.
• Try the smallest size & go from there~ Comes in 3 sizes (250ml bottle
, 500ml pump pack, 
1L pump pack).

Wedding No. 1: The Dress, The Bling & A Little Drama

Hi everyone!!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to report back about my wedding! Since I’ve been taking you along in my wedding makeup journey, I thought it would only be right to share a glimpse of how it all turned out~

Wedding dress

Thank goodness I was able to hang the dress on the plane. Thanks for everyone’s words of encouragement during my nerve-wrecking moments.

Wedding ring

wedding ring
Because I wanted my ring from Melbourne, we waited until after we got back to place the order. *Drum roll* here it is!! Please don’t take this as bragging… This pic is to compensate for the lack of wedding photos (for privacy.. and also my Melbourne friends haven’t seen me in my dress yet!!!)

I can’t stop staring at it.. (which is kinda dangerous while driving, haha)

Wedding hair drama..

Wedding prep is not without it’s drama, and I had a little of it in China. To sum it up, the wedding hair studio apparently doesn’t wash hair (ridiculous) so my sis-in-law and I went to a nearby love hotel, negotiated to pay for 30 minutes (instead of the hourly rate), and the hotel boss lent me her Pantene shampoo/conditioner out of pity, Hahaha.

Being half-korean generated a bit of hype in the studio, and people were photographing my hair (and bare face) with their phone cameras..
The groom and IThe Groom & I at the hotel lobby (taking a break from welcoming guests, haha)
Forgive me for the erratic posts for now…
As it’s my first 30 days of married life! I’ve been out & about & on the go, totally reliant on my iPhone to read posts (which makes it hard to comment) and squeezing in entries during free moments like today.

I’m still here & still reading your posts~ (most likely while waiting or a quick alt-tab screen switch at work) and slowly getting through my backlog of beautyswatch housekeeping.

Have a great week~

Help! I need to tone up

I’m in denial… the first of my weddings is only 7 months away and I’m still dreaming about ways to tone up without executing any of those ideas..

One would have thought I’d turn into bride-zilla and start getting obsessed about my weight, but I’m not. I’m actually more obsessed about getting the right shades of makeup since I’m a control freak & having one of my weddings overseas makes me nervous and want to have a set of products on hand if I need to fix any mishaps.

My dilemma (ie. excuses)
– I can’t stand the gym. I’d rather spend the monthly membership on clothes/cosmetics haha.
– I can’t commit to a class time. I get distracted by outings & my hobbies..
– Jogging is OK but I stop too easily..
– A community pool is right opposite my place but I don’t like swimming on my own.
– I’ve tried exercise videos at home which have been most successful so far.

Since “at home” exercise seems to work for me I want to step up beyond DVDs and maybe get one of these for a more intensive cardio workout:

Or… an Elliptical Trainer.. also from oo.com.au
I need some advice!

Which one of the exercise machines do you think would be most efficient for a workout?
I’m really undecided between the two.

Stepper: I like that it’s more compact, fits easily in my apartment. It focuses on your lower body. This is AUD $10 cheaper than the Elliptical Trainer.
Elliptical Trainer: Has adjustable resistance, supposed to work your legs, hips, buttoms, arms & shoulders. I guess that’s if I use the right resistance & not just have a “free ride”, haha.