Help! I need to tone up

I’m in denial… the first of my weddings is only 7 months away and I’m still dreaming about ways to tone up without executing any of those ideas..

One would have thought I’d turn into bride-zilla and start getting obsessed about my weight, but I’m not. I’m actually more obsessed about getting the right shades of makeup since I’m a control freak & having one of my weddings overseas makes me nervous and want to have a set of products on hand if I need to fix any mishaps.

My dilemma (ie. excuses)
– I can’t stand the gym. I’d rather spend the monthly membership on clothes/cosmetics haha.
– I can’t commit to a class time. I get distracted by outings & my hobbies..
– Jogging is OK but I stop too easily..
– A community pool is right opposite my place but I don’t like swimming on my own.
– I’ve tried exercise videos at home which have been most successful so far.

Since “at home” exercise seems to work for me I want to step up beyond DVDs and maybe get one of these for a more intensive cardio workout:

Or… an Elliptical Trainer.. also from
I need some advice!

Which one of the exercise machines do you think would be most efficient for a workout?
I’m really undecided between the two.

Stepper: I like that it’s more compact, fits easily in my apartment. It focuses on your lower body. This is AUD $10 cheaper than the Elliptical Trainer.
Elliptical Trainer: Has adjustable resistance, supposed to work your legs, hips, buttoms, arms & shoulders. I guess that’s if I use the right resistance & not just have a “free ride”, haha.